Monday, February 21, 2011

Walking in the rain!!!!

People, this is a silly little poem that I wrote when I was 15 yrs old, on my way back from school, on a rainy day!! I know it's too juvenile, nevertheless I don't mind sharing with you all!

I saw the grey sky,
Where the sun had disappeared behind the clouds,
And rain had started to drizzle
In drops as gentle as snow.

It was late in the afternoon,
When I walked home from school, with
My backpack on my shoulders and my red umbrella in hand,
On which the rain drops sounded like pebbles.

I felt lonely and cold,
And I saw few people in their hoods,
And children coming out of their homes,
To enjoy this wet afternoon.

I walked, splattering water everywhere,
Like a little innocent child
Watching my white shoes turn brown
And adoring the ripples formed in water.

I almost screamed, hearing a thunder roll,
Only then I realised, I was not home,
To give out yells, just because
I’m terrified of thunders.

Oh! I didn’t realise that
I have walked for twenty-five minutes,
And reached home, to
Write this and share it with you...

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