Monday, August 30, 2010

just an evening...

A couple of weeks back, i wrote this down in just few minutes of looking at the dark sky, in an about-to-rain weather...

Just as i see up the sky,
i am awed,
at the dark black clouds cover the sky
that just look like,
the earth has been opened to the dark space ahead,
with ghosts flying all around,
the wind gets chiller,
the clouds swirl around the whole sky,
with the sun lost beneath all,
trying to find its way back,
and rain drops are just about to meet the earth,
and the lakes down here already shimmer like silver,
still and beautiful,
oh what a weather it is,
something to write about and share with everyone,
something that mere words struggle to express,
all i can say is,
i am just loving this,
oh the beautiful clouds!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Looking up at the heaven!

Looking up at the dark sky,
On a customary silent night,
A lot of thoughts run in my mind.
I feel sympathetic for the moon,
The resplendent marvel, that we've seen all our life,
For being the only one of its kind,
Left alone, yet not all alone,
Surrounded by constellations of stars,
Which shine their brightest dazzle,
Some of which seem to be smiling at us,
Some winking at us, as if to say something,
Some still stay far, hoping to touch the moon someday.
As I gawk at them, learning optimistic morals,
I wonder if this is heaven,
Treasuring the splendor of the night sky,
I thought I knew why people chose heaven,
With such sumptuous stars,
Joining the pretty fairies, it must
Definitely be a fairer place,
To live and love, than
The horrid blood sheds of this bestial world.
As my thoughts ran amuck,
I forget the moment, mesmerized,
Promising myself to gaze at the sky the next night,
I retired for the day, with starry dreams...

What is religion??

What life has taught me is that religion is a discipline of morals and values; and a mere collection of principles of life, all in the name of faith in 'God'.
'God' is one, but we the humans, have made many 'Gods' for ourselves..
This way, it may sound like I'm crazy..
But to think that we have crossed centuries of baseless faith and superstitions,
we have crossed the times of wars over Gods..
and now, as education has transformed us to civilized people of highly developed world, where do we stand??
still in square one.
yes, we are still trapped in a small frame of mind, where religion seems the criteria for anything.
why do people still fight over religion?
you are human, and so is he!
he breathes the same way you do!
he feels the same way you do!
you cant leave someone alone, just because he worships a different God and prays Him in a way you don't know!
God created us all in the same way,
He didn't make any difference in His creation,
its just us, who have made invisible borders in mind, scowl at other people,
its man who is responsible for all the lands stained in blood,
for all the tears that people shed over the lives lost in the wars over religions..
Let us all not forget, it was 'One God' who sent us all to earth,
not to kill each other, in the name of 'Himself',
but to respect and love every human for he is as much human as you are,
don't make someone your enemy,
without the other doing any harm, just in the name of God,
God is one; and so are we!!