Friday, December 9, 2011

111 days of Without-you

I just turned 22 today 
And I feel so grown up...
I miss your gift, 
I miss your blessings,
I miss your presence,
For this is my first birthday without you!!
I miss you, Thatha...!!!
Do you see me crying every night talking to you?
Do you see how I look around the house in search of you, missing you?
Did you see me see your photo and cry, this morning??
Did you see me smile when it rained, thinking it is you wishing me for my birthday?
Hundreds of people wished me today,
Made me smile and jump around,
I was all excited and happy,
But missed you so terribly!!
It's 111 days since you left the world.
111 days of grief and tears, it has been.
Always loved.