Monday, September 19, 2011

A rainy thought...

As the dark clouds besieges the mightier sky,
Like how the eyelid closes on a eye,
Giving darkness and just that;
The wind is blowing its best,
Turning the weather balmy;
As I walk through the lonely streets,
Looking up to see the gray clouds moving,
Enjoying the rain drops falling around,
A lot of thoughts chase my mind...
The clouds look so full of dark angst,
Yet it isn't raining much,
Just like my heart feeling heavier,
But knowing I haven’t grieved enough,
Knowing I want to cry more...
For someone who left the world...
And is never going to come back...
My steps slow down as I realize
Life is just like days,
Little sunny,
Little rainy,
Sometimes dull,
Sometimes windy,
Never the same forever...

I miss you, Thatha...

Thatha, when I think of you
And when I don't think of you,
I miss you..
When I laugh aloud,
When I smile at people,
I think of you
And I miss you..
When someone's sad,
I think of you
And I miss you..
I keep missing you all day...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life goes on...

Oh, I know I just have everything I might need in life.
I do have people around me as always.
Yet there is some reluctant loneliness,
That I cannot shrug off so easily.
I laugh, I scream in delight; I run around, I talk so much;
Yet I know I want to be quiet and that’s really all I want.
And to shed some silent tears and let the grief out,
If it’s possible to entirely take it off my shoulder.
Oh Thatha, why did you leave us?
I still feel you around everyday...
Not just in dreams.
And I cannot say how much I miss you...
Thinking about you always...

Tears, tears, tears.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sometimes we are lost, between the day and night,
Sometimes we are torn, between the truths and lies,
Sometimes we are perturbed, between our heart and mind,
Sometimes we are dazed at the pace of things happening around us,
And we may feel we are floating through them slow,
When life is so,
Just have to convince yourself,
That ‘Life has to go on, no matter how it is!’