Monday, February 14, 2011

If I were alive..

I don’t know when my life began,
I haven’t seen the world yet,
But I think it’ll be beautiful...
I look at myself grow,
Little by little every day,
Listening to my mom talk to me,
Every day and night, sleepless,
With her voice so gentle, and sing,
To make me sleep inside her...
I don’t know when I’m destined to see things,
Outside the dark and cosy place,
That keeps me warm and secured,
But I dream, so often, about the world
That I think would be as I see in my dreams.
I get happier, as I see myself grow bigger,
Eager to see my mother, and everything else,
And finally I am coming out.
With bright light hitting my tiny eyes,
With air gushing on my face,
Rushing into my nostrils,
I cried at that very moment.
I saw my mom’s face,
With tears rolling down her cheeks,
Yet she was so beautiful,
And as sweet as her voice,
That I have heard for the past many months.
I am being taken away by someone,
To be cleaned and put to sleep, I think.
After long, I feel something bad,
I think it is called pain.
I don’t know why I can’t open my eyes,
But I just hear my mother crying,
Loud and sad, it is,
Now I open my eyes, and
Try to reach her with my little hands,
For the first time ever,
Want to feel her, want to touch her and say,
‘Maa... don’t cry... I’m here’
That’s when I realise she is crying
Near my big stone, that doesn’t have any name on,
They have put me beneath the big grey stone, I think,
Many more such stones cover the place,
That must be filled with many memories,
Like mine...
Even before I knew what is life,
I think I know what death is...!!



  1. Marvellous dear!!!!!!!!!!!! i was very much touched that tears rolled down my cheeks........

  2. Wow ! What an empathetical feeling.
    How many of us can think like this ?

    Great Sharmi