Thursday, February 27, 2014

Conquering the lull.

In the tumult and furor of the city,
With abundance of flurry around,
The ostentatious and florid colors fade,
From flashy to shades of grey,
The voices blur, faint enough to hear yourself.
Time ebbs and every second gets distinct as it impedes.
The urge for solitude arises,
To be obscure in a world owned by me,
Without abutting forlornness,
Yet lorn and longing to belong more,
To desist from qualms and furtive tears,
For I know I have a blessed life,
With the aeon so beautiful,
And just some sparse clouds atop now,
Toning the present down a little,
Before they move away far
To flaunt the blue sky ahead,
With abounding stars and the mighty Sun,
That wouldn’t fail to give me the smiles and joy.
Oh, palisades of the blissful path.
Here I am, traversing past them.
Picking up bounteous faith and optimism,
The companions I have ever had unfailingly,
Determined to reach my ‘home’.
Chimerical, yet hopeful :)