Sunday, August 29, 2010

What is religion??

What life has taught me is that religion is a discipline of morals and values; and a mere collection of principles of life, all in the name of faith in 'God'.
'God' is one, but we the humans, have made many 'Gods' for ourselves..
This way, it may sound like I'm crazy..
But to think that we have crossed centuries of baseless faith and superstitions,
we have crossed the times of wars over Gods..
and now, as education has transformed us to civilized people of highly developed world, where do we stand??
still in square one.
yes, we are still trapped in a small frame of mind, where religion seems the criteria for anything.
why do people still fight over religion?
you are human, and so is he!
he breathes the same way you do!
he feels the same way you do!
you cant leave someone alone, just because he worships a different God and prays Him in a way you don't know!
God created us all in the same way,
He didn't make any difference in His creation,
its just us, who have made invisible borders in mind, scowl at other people,
its man who is responsible for all the lands stained in blood,
for all the tears that people shed over the lives lost in the wars over religions..
Let us all not forget, it was 'One God' who sent us all to earth,
not to kill each other, in the name of 'Himself',
but to respect and love every human for he is as much human as you are,
don't make someone your enemy,
without the other doing any harm, just in the name of God,
God is one; and so are we!!


  1. Just few minutes ago while i was wandering in the planes of oblivion, something clicked in my mind.Thought its related to above paragraph, so sharing with you.

    There’s a haze that creeps up in the middle of tic and tock, something so tangible it dissipates when you flail your arms out in some fickle attempt to hold on. The past is sweet in its honesty. Time blurred, slurred and twisted into anything but what it was back then. Yet here i am again, reading, writing and attempting to validate some meaning to existence. Call it the end of a 12-hour shift of a 12-year bender. Either way trickles down the throat like a carcinogen into the blood. Twitching of the toes and a head chalk full of woe. It's best left untitled because I'm afraid to give this concoction a name. Once you name the thing it has power and that's the last thing anyone wants at this damned hour of uncertainty...

  2. Just follow serenity,
    u will go in right direction.