Monday, August 30, 2010

just an evening...

A couple of weeks back, i wrote this down in just few minutes of looking at the dark sky, in an about-to-rain weather...

Just as i see up the sky,
i am awed,
at the dark black clouds cover the sky
that just look like,
the earth has been opened to the dark space ahead,
with ghosts flying all around,
the wind gets chiller,
the clouds swirl around the whole sky,
with the sun lost beneath all,
trying to find its way back,
and rain drops are just about to meet the earth,
and the lakes down here already shimmer like silver,
still and beautiful,
oh what a weather it is,
something to write about and share with everyone,
something that mere words struggle to express,
all i can say is,
i am just loving this,
oh the beautiful clouds!!

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