Sunday, August 29, 2010

Looking up at the heaven!

Looking up at the dark sky,
On a customary silent night,
A lot of thoughts run in my mind.
I feel sympathetic for the moon,
The resplendent marvel, that we've seen all our life,
For being the only one of its kind,
Left alone, yet not all alone,
Surrounded by constellations of stars,
Which shine their brightest dazzle,
Some of which seem to be smiling at us,
Some winking at us, as if to say something,
Some still stay far, hoping to touch the moon someday.
As I gawk at them, learning optimistic morals,
I wonder if this is heaven,
Treasuring the splendor of the night sky,
I thought I knew why people chose heaven,
With such sumptuous stars,
Joining the pretty fairies, it must
Definitely be a fairer place,
To live and love, than
The horrid blood sheds of this bestial world.
As my thoughts ran amuck,
I forget the moment, mesmerized,
Promising myself to gaze at the sky the next night,
I retired for the day, with starry dreams...

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