Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The moon and me

Some days, sometimes
There is nothing you can do to feel good.
You know what hurts.
And you know it cannot be changed.
Nor accepted with a smile.
It kills.
Yes, loneliness does that.
It is not about having no one to care.
It is much deeper.
The feeling of wanting something.
And never having it.
A feeling of want becoming a need.
A feeling of the minds closing in.
A feeling of trying to break the walls around,
Built by oneself and the world.
A feeling of not knowing what it is.
A feeling that can only be let out in tears.
And some anger, perhaps.
A feeling that words always fail to express.
Understood by none
Other than the heart in pain.
A feeling that is felt
With some pain, always.
A lonely walker.
Down the lonely road.
Wanting much more and..
Trying to forget the dreams that never came true!
Looking up at the sky of stars
And the one moon.
As lonely as I am.

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