Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Thatha..you would have been 88 today!

Happy Birthday, Thatha.
It might have been so many months past a year,
Well, almost two years; two dark years,
Since you left us.
Yet the grief is the same,
I miss you the same.
It is so hard not to look at your picture,
Into your eyes, that looks so real even now,
So full of love, so unconditional.
I feel so guilty, at times,
When I try hard not to think of you,
Because I know I’ll just break down,
In your thoughts, like right now.
The days when I thought you’ll come back
Are sadly over.
I know you are not coming back.
I’m not going to see you again,
I know, I know that.
You have left us. Forever.
With so many of your memories.
That still inspires me,
And makes me think of you,
With so much pride.
You will be loved, remembered,
And missed, painfully, beyond words.

A flood of tears,
Your Sharmi

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