Friday, June 17, 2016

Away from the dark

Gasping for breath, I continued running.
Undeterred even as I stifled.
I could see the darkness chasing me,
As I cried and raced away from the beasts.
Ghosts of memories kept stabbing me,
Nightmares of betrayal haunting all along,
I ran as far as I could, from all that hurt me.
Cursed to see the demons in everyone around,
The smiles that concealed the dark hearts,
I hastened away from the hatred thrown at me.
Stealing away my little positive air,
From the gusts of negative winds,
I dashed towards my castle of peace.
Many a time, I lost my way,
And shuddered in thoughts,
Of being entangled in the black clouds again.
Every dusk, I wait for the sun to set,
So that I could get to my refuge.
Where I could hug myself like a foetus,
In the warmth of the night,
Away from the painful woes of the day.

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