Sunday, March 31, 2013

The little grown-up girl..

Bright big eyes,
Faint smile on the lips,
The little girl, 
Growing up every single day,
Spreads her arms wide,
Into the warmth of the sun rays,
Eyes closed in the blinding brightness,
Taking in the freshness of the breeze.
A delicate little heart,
So full of love and forgiveness,
Unconditionally given to everyone around,
Giving the shoulders to all who need,
Brightening up everyone’s day,
With the brave and genuine smile that says all,
The smile that hides a thousand tears,
Carrying some pain that is never shared,
Sunk in the sea of loneliness,
Going to bed each night
With tears and stifled sobs,
Waiting to share with someone who cares,
Living in dreams and fantasies of her own,
Refuses to live within walls of confinement.
She sees the world with a different pair of eyes,
That views all things beautiful,
In a vista so far from others’,
Being shunned for the same, almost always.
Hated for what she is,
Never been understood wholly,
Yearns for just that.
A little love, a little more understanding,
A little care when she cries her heart out.
She still sees life optimistically,
With a lot of belief and trust in her heart,
Holding hope in her hands,
Tightly clenched,
Waiting for miracles to happen,
The change that might come in,
Or just elude her, unsympathetically.
The little grown up girl,
Her arms still stretched out,
To get some love.
A tear or two, drops down the cheeks.
Things are going to be okay, someday.
It will be.
If it is meant to be.

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