Monday, September 19, 2011

A rainy thought...

As the dark clouds besieges the mightier sky,
Like how the eyelid closes on a eye,
Giving darkness and just that;
The wind is blowing its best,
Turning the weather balmy;
As I walk through the lonely streets,
Looking up to see the gray clouds moving,
Enjoying the rain drops falling around,
A lot of thoughts chase my mind...
The clouds look so full of dark angst,
Yet it isn't raining much,
Just like my heart feeling heavier,
But knowing I haven’t grieved enough,
Knowing I want to cry more...
For someone who left the world...
And is never going to come back...
My steps slow down as I realize
Life is just like days,
Little sunny,
Little rainy,
Sometimes dull,
Sometimes windy,
Never the same forever...

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