Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shower of love

As a million drops fell from the sky,
I looked up at the sky turning grey,
Clouds turning angst, raindrops hitting my face gently,
I saw a little orphaned girl, who seemed overwhelmed.
By the sudden evening shower;
Her smile so beautiful and naive,
I could see it in all the little drops from heaven,
Despite the thunder and lightning,
I gawked at her, keenly, with a smile.
As she stretched her little hands, to feel the water drops,
What a pleasure was it, to look at,
Her joy, her innocence, her eyes...that concealed pain,
Of losing her loved ones, of the love she missed,
Of the care she needed, for all the times she wasn’t cared for.
I felt my heart leaping out to the poor little angel,
My heart raced to this cruel world,
Where a million destitute people,
Orphaned and lonely, yearn for love.
I felt a tear coming out of my eye,
Slowly trickling down my cheek,
There may not be much I can do,
To help those poor souls, desperate for love,
But the whole world joining hands,
I am sure, can make a huge difference,
To give them a happier earth to live.

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